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About Us

Our Budd range has been lovingly created and curated to bring our love of the finer things in life to you.

Chai lovers & perfectionists. Based in Melbourne, Australia’s coffee capital, we wanted the best sticky chai possible and we weren’t satisfied with the local café’s offering – so we made our own.

Using the highest quality ceylon tea, fresh, whole spices and local Australian honey, we brewed a million cups in pursuit of the perfect one, refining the recipe to make it as simple and delicious as possible, balancing spice and sweetness and strength until we found the golden ratio: the blend that made everybody sigh and say, “hello, budd."

We created budd because we wanted to drink it, now we’re proud to drink it every day. 

Budd Cocoa Sourced from West Africa also features in our Budd Range. This superfine drinking chocolate is created by our friends at Koko Deluxe. The deep red colour is indicative of high grade bean varieties, and the quality is confirmed with complexity and body, leaving a smooth, chocolate finish. This African red cocoa is processed in France, then blended with pure Australian can sugar in Melbourne. 

With its rich, chocolate taste and all natural ingredients, no fillers, starch, added flavours, colours or preservatives, Koko Deluxe is a pure natural indulgence

Our panela is made from the highest organic cane sugar grown in the Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica and is the result of a careful and labour intensive process. Unrefined and minimally processed, it retains all of the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the sugar cane it's made from, making it much better for you than ordinary sugar. 

It doesn't end there........ in the pipeline is a delicious range of high quality chocolate bars. Using freshly roasted Padre beans we have created a gateway to coffee for lovers of chocolate and a show-stopping treat for lovers of both. Stay tuned!