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Budd Gift Box


This beautiful box set features the three products in our Budd range; 

x1 250g Budd Sticky Chai

Wonderful loose-leaf sticky chai packed with premium assam tea, warming traditional spices and just the right amount of sweetness. Lovingly handmade, Budd Chai is natural from start to finish, super fresh and truly delicious. Each bag is packed with delicacies like cinnamon, star anise, cloves and ginger and touched with the unique flavour of local Aussie honey.

x1 250g Budd Panela

A traditional South American unrefined cane sugar perfect for adding sweet, caramel notes to coffee, tea and baking. Our panela is made from the highest organic cane sugar grown in the Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica and is the result of a careful and labour intensive process. Unrefined and minimally processed, it retains all of the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the sugar cane it's made from, making it much better for you than ordinary sugar.

x1 250g Budd Cocoa

Sourced from West Africa, this red cocoa is processed in France, then blended with pure Australian can sugar in Melbourne. With its rich, chocolate taste and all natural ingredients, no fillers, starch, added flavours, colours or preservatives, Koko Deluxe is a pure natural indulgence.